Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, & Medicine

File a STEMM Report

Just as news programs rely on reporters to report stories, interview newsmakers, and provide details, The Luxipolis Radio Hour relies on viewers like you to find and report on items related to STEMM topics.

If you have a topic in mind, and would like to file a report, you can use the button below to find our 'Report Submission Application.' This is your first step towards becoming part of the program!

There is a small application fee ($20), but, if we broadcast your report, we'll refund your application fee. The fee covers our time and effort involved in vetting reports, and serves to discourage those who are not prepared to take this task seriously. First-time reporters will also have to take a brief course on how to prepare their report for broadcast.

We have to review your idea, just an an editor must review the articles that get included in a newspaper or a magazine, and we need your permission to broadcast your voice, so we ask you to submit a script and sign a release.

If we like your idea, and everything is in order, we'll ask you to record your report and send it in! If the sound quality is good (you can probably record using a smart phone), and your report fits our time constraints, then we'll let you know when it will be broadcast, and refund your application fee!

Suggest a Vita Mentis Challenge

Our Vita Mentis segment is designed to get our audience thinking, and to challenge them to find a solution for themselves.

If you have a solvable problem that will get people thinking for a bit, and maybe building or experimenting as well, hit our Vita Mentis submission button below to find the submission form.

If we like you're idea, we'll ask you to record it, and, if all goes well, we'll put it on the air and refund your submission fee ($20).

Become a STEMM Supporter

The Luxipolis Radion Hour is made possible, in part, though the support of listeners, like yourself. Sponsors will have their names announced as supporters of the STEMM segment, and, if you have a longer message (up to 2 minutes maximum) we can broadcast that as well (message costs are pro-rated to their length and the number of times they run.) Your generosity will help keep this show on the air.

If you would lke your message to run in connection with the STEMM segment, and you would lke to be acknowledged on the air as a STEMM supporter, check 'STEMM' in the category portion of the sponsorship form. Thank You!