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Every program needs its supporters, and, whether they sell ads or ask for donations, they use airtime to pay for the content they provide. The Luxipolis Radio Hour is no different, and invites you to become a supporter.

One way to do that is to purchase some airtime, like a commercial. For as little as $10, we can broadcast an announcement from you. We'll also have books, T-shirts, coffee mugs, and other items to sell from time to time, but the form below is for arranging to have us broadcast your message.

Figure the cost for running your announcement

First, enter the length of your spot in seconds (maximum of 120 seconds).

Here are some examples of messages and the time they take to say.

Tip: Use arrows to increment values or type in a value and hit 'enter'

Next, enter the number of times you would like your spot to run (maximum 52 weeks):

Be sure to select how you woud prefer your spots to run using the list above

Tip: Repeating a short message is usually more effective than running a single long message, and the cost per run decreases as the number of runs increases, so 10 2-second spots are a better buy than 1 20-second spot, even though you get the same amount of time.

For reference only:

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*Sales Tax for PA & Allegheny County

Make checks payable to: Sitos LLC (owner of Luxipolis Radio Hour)

Write this Order Number on your check, and keep a copy for reference until your spot runs:

By signing below I aver that:

  • The content I have provided is not meant to offend, harm, or cause displeasure to anyone.
  • I am authorized to use any brand, trade, company, organization, or personal names mentioned in the submitted announcement.
  • I understand that my announcement may be rejected (and my cash left uncashed) for any reason, and that the priority for posting announcements involves an imprecise interplay of (at least) the following factors:
    • First come, first served
    • Consideration given to timely requests for specific dates & times (e.g., first announcement on next show)
    • The right thing to do
    • Consideration given to friends and frequent customers
    • Luck of the draw
    • Family relation (could be a negative)
    • Rush to get things done
    • Priority to the highest bidder
  • If the announcement causes problems, I will take responsibility for any and all repercussions.
  • I understand that, if my payment is rejected by the bank, my spot will not run, and I will owe The Luxipolis Radio Hour a penalty fee equivalent to approximately 140% of what the bank charges for processing such checks (i.e., if the bank charges $35.72, the fee will be $50), and that only a good and convincing story will enable me to do business with this radio program again.
  • Either
    there is no copyright for the submitted announcement, or
    I own the copyright to the information submitted, or
    I am submitting permission from the copyright holder to broadcast this content.
  • I give my permission, without restriction, to the broadcast (or rebroadcast) of my announcement via any publishing service or medium worldwide.

Signature and Date:

Print this page and mail it with your check to:

Sitos LLC
3618 Bates St. #1
Pittsburgh PA 15213

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